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Available Services: Acoustic

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acoustic guitar - miscellaneous repairs

*repair may require extra time due to humidity conditions

1. soundboard crack
humidify, glue, seal, &
cleat (crack usually invisible)

2. neck reset
remove neck, adjust neck pitch,
reglue neck (additional repairs may be necessary)

3. bridge reglue
remove bridge, refit, reglue

4. plug & recut saddle
plug & recut saddle in the proper place,
make a compensated saddle & fit to proper height
(t-rod adjustment recommended)

5. install pickup (transducer)
install pickup & shave saddle
(t-rod adjustment recommended)

6. install pickup (soundhole)
install pickup, restring & adjust output

7. cracked bracing
reglue brace & restring

8. custom made bridge
make replica oversized bridge
from rosewood or ebony, compensated saddle inc.

9. compensated bone saddle
shape saddle out of bone for
better sound & intonation
(t-rod adjustment recommended)

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